Supreme summer bars

"It was so much fun... to be involved and sharing space with everyone. It's a really beautiful and supporting community you've cultivated. Thank you Roberto! ♥♥♥"

Hila the Killa - artist

"Thank you for running such an incredible event. I believe you are establishing a great legacy for the culture, and that is the most honorable thing any of us can do."

Megaciph - artist, poet, entertainer


"If y'all don't know about Supreme BARs it is one of the illest MC tournaments going on, and it's the ONLY MC slash producer/beatmaker tournament that I know of because they compete at the same time which is kinda ill."

Doron Lev (Uglybraine) - artist, producer, drummer, guitarist


"Supreme Bars is very much a pure example of everything that is great about hip hop. And I'll be talking it up to everyone I know for sure."

G. Dubz - artist


"The event feels so positive and good for the music community. Thanks for putting it together. This type of thing is very much needed around here."

Tom Phonic - producer


"Had a blast as always. Your event is a story of love, I'm always glad to be a part of it."

Steve Almighty - producer

"Thank you for the opportunity to let us artist be who we are and display our talents in a comfortable environment"

IMC - artist

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