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Champion MC - March 2017 - Tray Digga
Tray Digga is a powerful MC on stage and took the trophy with flying colors. Opening for other acts as mega as Wu-Tang, he came to Supreme BARs, he rhymed, and conquered. Follow him @uknotraydigga_bob
Champion Producer- March 2017 - R-Rated
R-Rated came out of nowhere and took the iconic Supreme BARs red crystalline trophy and represented the first win in Philly. Follow him @mallesf
Champion MC - April 2017 - Tray Digga
Tray Digga once again took home the crown for a second win. It seems his freestyle expertise is unmatched. 
Follow him @uknotraydigga_bob
Champion Producer- April 2017 - Junebeats
Junebeats was ready with the ammo coming into Supreme BARs Philadelphia in April. After an intense 4th round he bobbed the judges' heads for that final win.  Follow him @junebeats
Champion MC- May 2017 - Danja
Danja joined Supreme BARs after studying the last few events and came out victorious in the 4th round.  Follow him @spotlightdanja
Champion Producer- May 2017 - Flamez Sparks
Flamez Sparks was a first timer in May and blew the eardrums away from the judges.  Follow him @flamez_s
Champion MC- June 2017 - Tray-Digga
Tray-Digga was determined to come back for his 3rd win. It wasn't a three peat but he's well on his way.  Follow him @uknotraydigga_bob
Champion Producer- June 2017 - Flamez Sparks
Flamez Sparks was a first timer in May and blew the eardrums away from the judges. NOW he came back with even better beats than before and ripped through the competition.  Follow him @flamez_s
Champion MC- September 2017 - Big Dummy
Big Dummy admitted that night he had never won an award his entire life, and we're proud to have made a milestone in his career. Determination, delivery, and a dashing swag became his M.O. for the evening as he destroyed the 4 rounds and the Sudden Death round at Supreme BARs. Follow him at @iambigdummy and see what he's about.
Champion Producer- September 2017 - Sling Raw
Sling Raw has competed in Supreme BARs before, but throughout the Summer, has created some bangers he KNEW would knock the competition out the park, and it worked! Follow him on IG: @slingraw, and you'll find out he's worked with a lot of Philly legends. Well deserved, Sling.
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