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              Roberto De Jesú
     Creator and Event Manager

Our Mission

We dedicate ourselves to becoming not only a Hip-hop competition but a networking event, artist showcase, and educational project. Our goal is to promote the "forward movement" and bring more hip-hop awareness to the community in a positive way, through events, music collaborations, and multi-media platforms.



Presideum Events is a company created by Roberto De Jesús, or "Analogy" to his music colleagues. After over a decade of working various forms of entertainment, from studio engineering, to record production, artistry and public relations, he took it upon himself to gather his  business acumen and create a company that will bring people together through industry events and social gatherings.


Supreme BARs

This is the ultimate competition for MC's and producers since this will be a challenge that combines BOTH elements into one event!


How we run it: MC's will freestyle over a subject chosen by the audience. They will be rapping over a local producer's beat. Opponents will do the same.

Each round has a different method for subject matter (riddles, props, quizzes, etc) and will be more and more challenging each time around.


Producers will battle beats alongside the MC's lyrics and will create a team as solid as actual artists and producers in the hip-hop industry.


Prizes include trophies, gift cards, sample libraries, photo shoots, bios and more!

Special performances before, after, and betwween rounds.


Also any freestyle MC's in the audience who didn't compete get a chance to grab the mic and collab in our Cypher Royale after the show.

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Syanide has been in the forefront of NYC rap battles for over a decade. His name, face and reputation resonates throughout the New York City streets like a late 19th Century gangster, respected and loved by their people. His multiple wins before and after Supreme BARs has led him to achieve Host status and has been a power emblem of the show for many years
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Skittelz has been a part of Supreme BARs when we were in Orlando and known as Hip Hop's Ultimate Challenge (in collaboration with Conscious Mind Records). Now Skittelz is back in NYC and showing the big Apple his magnanimous skills with freestyles that may go over the heads of most fledgling artists. Catch him on all social media and get to know our other hosts who can prove to the audience that "This show is not easy"
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Omega Cipherella Born
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Mr. MFN eXquire
DJ Ace of Spades
DJ Amore
Miky Hustles
Jay Sharp
Poison Pen
FlyLady Dii
Mikal Amin
Respect tha God
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Manny Faces
DJ Emmo Ogun
Osyris Anthem
El Da Sensei
Jazz Fresh
Chaz Kangas
Rabbi Darkside
Super King Armor
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